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Many small business websites are informative rather than functional: often a customer has to make a phone call to pay a bill or to schedule an appointment. Middle-size business already provide online billing/payments/scheduling, and we want small business websites to have similar functionality.

Lean manufacturing

The term "lean manufacturing" was introduced by Toyota and roughly means solid quality at a reasonable price without unnecessary bells and whistles. Lean Web Solutions believes that web sites must be more functional than a business card.


Nowadays about 50% of businesses have a website. However, most of these websites are rather informational than functional. A functional website reduces the number of phone calls to the office; e.g., it helps customers to schedule appointments and accepts payments 24/7.

Online appointment scheduling

It is hard to understand why people have to call in order to schedule an appointment. For example, if a baby has fewer at night, parents have to wait until 8am, and be the first to call, because otherwise they might not get an appointment before 11am. People must have an option to schedule appointments 24/7, especially if they are not new customers.

Online payments

A dentist mails me a bill. To pay it, I have to call... But his office is closed NOW, and tomorrow I may forget to call him.

We believe that everyone must be ready to accept payments anytime. You would save time if customers would not need to call you neither to schedule an appointment, nor to pay bills.

Business email

We also believe that business email address must read name@yoursite.com rather than name786@yahoo.com
Our (email) smtp servers use anti-spam technologies reducing the probability that our customer's outgoing email will be classified as spam by the destination host.

Alternatives to social media

They say, a business must have a Facebook account. And once you've got a business Facebook account, you have to post at least weekly.

Indeed, many people like social media and spend 20+ minutes daily on Facebook.

Social networks are perfect for superficial or unimportant information: what is posted today will probably be forgotten within a month. For certain type of business (e.g., for a restaurant owner, or for a politician during Presidential Campaign) it might be a good strategy to post often.

On the other hand, it might be uneasy for a dentist to post daily. It is actually not obvious why every business must be present on Facebook or other similar service.

Info-server is an alternative way to share information with the customers: info-server (wiki) for your website at wiki.yoursite.com similar to this one.