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Save on hosting

Website owners can save money and improve their website's security if they do not use services like WordPress or Wix.

Let us rebuild your website so you can pay just $1/month for hosting (per 100 megabytes).

Note for customers with very big files: there are limitations on file sizes. If you need to store gigabytes of HD-videos, we suggest using services like YouTube; YouTube videos can be embedded on your web pages.

Content management

Wiki websites

If you website is (fully or partially) wiki-powered like

More sophisticated web pages

If your website contains functional pages (for example, for scheduling appointments) these can not be easily updated.

During the first month we update for free.

After that you can update your web pages using WebDavFTPGit access to the files at no cost, or let us do it for you for $8 per 10 minutes.


Your text files are stored in the cloud and we backup them weekly; images are not saved.

We provide daily backup service for extra $2month100MB, and hourly backup service for extra $14month100MB.