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Functional, Efficient, Affordable


A business website can serve you and your customers much better than a plain website that just provides business information. A feature-rich website alleviates monotonous tasks which are part of the business owner's work. Here are some typical website features:


A typical web page requires downloading of 1 megabyte of data. This is usually 5-10 times more than necessary and leads to an inefficient use of computer hardware resources (internet bandwidth, memory, etc).

As a result, many websites' load time exceeds five seconds. This is proven to be annoying for visitors. We avoid using unnecessary frameworks and fonts. This not only reduces website download time, but also diminishes hosting expenses, and allows us keeping prices low.

The Founder

After receiving my Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, for over a decade I was doing research and scientific programming. Since 2016, I have focused exclusively on programming. Often I feel upset about the things around me that are not perfect, and I ask myself "Why can't this be done in a better way?"

My typical questions about business websites are "Why is this website taking so long to load?", "Why do they have such a long email address instead of using their own domain name?", "Why do I have to call them in order to make a payment or schedule an appointment?", "Why the design is so primitive?".

I have founded "Lean Web Solutions" to respond to these questions by creating efficient websites and improving existing ones. I hope to collaborate with you on all your business needs.

With kind regards,
Oleg Shalaev