Free Hosting for Websites

We do not charge customers for the website hosting since most parts of their websites are stored on GitHub. Free hosting is another reward for the optimization; for example, we would not be able to offer free hosting if we used WordPress.

Typical Hosting Prices

Many hosting companies offer 100 gigabytes (or more) of server disk space for about $5/month. Almost no one would ever need that much space for hosting. Although customers usually need 1000 times less of disk space they are still charged for 100 Gigabytes.

Most people would never need more than one gigabyte of disk space for their email and database, and we will charge them only for this amount of disk space. (As of 10/19/2018, one gigabyte costs $2 per month.)

Moving your site to from another hosting

If you already have a web site on another hosting and would like to maintain your domain name, you need an EPP Code —­ a sort of "password" that allows to change hosting. EPP Code is available to the domain owner at the hosting service.

Alternatively, you may ask us to register a new domain name for you. Most people register their domains in traditional domain zones: .com, .org., .us, .net; these zones are quite busy, however.
In recent years, numerous new zones became available, and you might also want to check one of these.