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Web pages generated from text files

Wiki philosophy

Most web pages or entire websites are solely informational: they might have fancy design but do not have any server-powered features.

An efficient way to create or update such web pages is to generate their HTML files from text files that can be edited in a simple text editor available even on a mobile phone.

This is how wikipedia works; the same idea is used at Lean Web Solutions.

Wiki format is indeed for everyone; even if you are an experienced programmer, it is faster to update a text file for a wiki page than its HTML-code.

Social networks vs Wiki

Creating a wiki page is as simple as posting on Facebook: one just needs to edit a text file similar to this one, and it will be automatically converted into a web page.

While social networks are more suitable for local news, wiki articles are supposed to remain relevant for longer time.

For some people it might be hard to keep their social media accounts active because

Instead of creating numerous low-value posts on social media you might prefer keep updating your wiki pages for months until they finally seem perfect to you.

For business and personal websites

Almost every small business owner can tell many interesting facts about his/her job, thus demonstrating professionalism and attracting new customers.

With an info (wiki) part on your website, you can create and gradually improve articles about your services, answer FAQ (avoiding unnecessary phone calls), and share your professional experience, demonstrate your individuality and expertise.

Business website has wiki part, which contains more information and is updated more often. Since wiki's design is just a "wrapper" over its text source files, one can easily change the way it looks by switching between different "wrappers".

Due to low maintenance cost wiki is also perfect for simple personal websites.


There is a free trial period (30 days). The prices indicated below are valid for (most) wiki websites smaller than 100 megabytes.

Several wiki accounts

Some customers may want to have more than one wiki, for example, one for business and a personal one. Additional wiki accounts cost $1/month.

Default design

If you choose one of our free design themes: there is no setup fee, $2/month for the service, hosting included.

Custom design

If you prefer custom design, we charge you (once) for the wiki template creation: in case you already have a website created by Lean Web Solutions and want your new wiki website to have the same design, we will charge you $30.67; otherwise we implement new design for $92 if you provide JPEG pictures or for $138 in case there is only verbal description.

Once the wiki website is activated, all you pay is $2/month for the service, hosting included.

Wiki grammar

This webpage's text source demonstrates how to make

Other features supported: images, icons – see text source example, and tables (see text source).

We (almost) follow Wikipedia text format – that is, our wiki files can be converted into Wikipedia format and vice versa. (These formatting rules essentially come from emacs org mode and LaTeX conventions.)

How it works

You can easily create/rename/replace/deletepublishwithdraw wiki pages on (password-protected)

Every time you update source files, (password protected) draft version of your website is changed. If you dare satisfied with the newly generated web page, you can publish its new version so that everyone can see it.

Check this tutorial for more information.

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