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Appointments by phone are not convenient or efficient. It takes clerical time and can be done only during busy office hours.

With our appointment system customers can schedule appointments at any time from a wide range of dates and hours that you show as available. Appointment reminders are sent via email before the appointment.

We adapt both the code and the design to customers' requirements so that your appointment pages will look similar to your existing website. If your existing website (e.g., does not need corrections or redesign, we may add an independent section (e.g., to it for appointment scheduling.


Appointment system for one provider: $4/month.

The Appointment System


Your customers receive reminders by email.

It knows your business schedule and appointments can be accepted accordingly

Accepting appointments Sunday afternoon? Close the office at 1 pm on Wednesday? No problem!

It knows your scheduled holidays

You are able to specify general, religious, and personal (e.g., vacation) holidays when you do not accept appointments.

Changes are easy

It is easy to reschedule an appointment to another time or date.

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